Photo Gallery

old baldy mist

Old Blady shrouded in mist in the spring.

marsh marigolds

Marsh marigolds alongside the pioneer slit-rail fence in spring.


Baltimore oriole enjoying a bath in the stream at the back of the property.


Old Baldy in summer.


The barn provides a scenic foreground to views of the Niagara escarpment.


Kayaking on the Beaver River near Kimberley.


A large garden is filled with vegetables and flowers in season.

view from yard

Summer view of Old Baldy and the Niagara escarpment from the picnic table.


Wildflowers alongside the pioneer split rail fence.


Old Baldy in early autumn.

flower and fence

Wildflowers abound alongside the old pioneer fences.


Old Baldy in autumn splendor.


View of the Beaver Valley from Old Baldy.


Early frost on a misty November morning.


View of the house from the top of Old Baldy. Look for the white house to the left of the small barn.

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