Kayaking On the Beaver River

trees on the river bank

Hardwood swamp on the Beaver River.

There is an access point for the Beaver River just up the road, so I put my kayak on the car and headed off to explore.  I spent a glorious day navigating the swift current of the winding Beaver River.

The river flows through a rare hardwood swamp filled with silver maple, black ash and aspen. Swamping opportunities lurked to the left and right into still waters and tangled vegetation.

One could spend hours in this magical place watching the sun cut through the huge old trees in fall magnificence.  It was dramatic in its stillness –  stunning and wondrous at every turn.

I came across a Canada goose sheltering there, perhaps preparing to migrate south for the winter. These photos barely capture a fragment of the joy and wonder I found.


Canada Goose by the water.

Canada Goose sheltering on the Beaver River.


kayak on the river

Kayak cutting through still waters on the Beaver River.

river bank with old tree stump

Remnant of the old forest on the bank of the Beaver River.

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